I was checking for uni's online using the schoól's computer..

While waiting for the pages to be ''opened'', i tried not to waste time by taking photo's of myself.. =)
Suddenly.. Something caught my eyes.. I saw an Arabian guy in the lab!! I manage to take a photo of him..

My dada manage to take a picture with the Arabian man's wife >.<
The Arabian man kept posing for me to take picture =.=

The Arabian lady is as vain as her husband >.<
*vain*.. act cute gok

The two vain couple

Dunno what salam is that

Me and the Arabian man

Arabian man become mummy

Transform into a mummy!!
But not enough kain, can see the mouth

Afghanistan man with moustach

Me and the Afghanistan man

We saw something unusual *shock*

We're so close

Afghanistan lady sleeping

Me and the sleepy Afghanistan lady

She's asleep..

She's awake again...
She looks scared *)


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hahaha.. wiu.. i look like so weird, and we both look so funny hahaha.. dudu keep it up.. very nice post haha.. eh hem.. use my face on your blog need pay copy right ar.. steal all my fan come see lo haha..

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

lol...really...funny both of you~~ wish you can love and crzy forever~

CH Voon said...


I will inform both of your parent...
Ask you guys study there...
Not pay attention and take photos...

Not good!

Next time... use a better camera la... look blur one...