Tomorrow is dumpling festival!!!
My cousin and ah ma busy making meat dumpling to eat and vegeterian dumpling for pai pai..
I didn't help cause i was at school.. hehe :)

Glutinous rice for the dumpling... stir fry with don't know what black thing first.. i think it's soya sauce..

Meat.. also fry with soya sauce.. Everything in black

Peanuts and don't know what nut.. This year didn't put yam cause.. mom just brought the yam back after the dumpling finished wrap

Gigantic pandan leave.. Mom say last time people use bamboo leave.. I thought bamboo leave very tiny??

Strings.. I think it's the back bone of leaves... Nylon not good, i mean not good to cook it...

The done dumplings..

My dog attraced to the aroma of the cooked dumpling, too bad he cant have any :(

This year dada got dumpling from me..
Buek.. when talk bout dumpling i remember about another dumpling story

Anyway, i want thank dada for giving me such a pretty present!!! So so so so like it.. It has fur!!!!! I like fur.. hihi


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hahahaha the dog so pity.. wow dudu the dumbling so yummy o~ hehe got tapao some back haha.. yum~ dudu must learn how to do oh! hehe

leo7_lion said...

your dog look so obedient

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

dog look so cham.. smell but cant eat.. @@"

I just eat not even one biji till now! today not sure got dumpling to eat boh~~