Im no longer a chipmunk

I never watch transformer but i know got cartoon call transformer...
Issit about transforming??? hihi...
Btw, i don think i can be a chipmunk anymore.. change to hamster liao =


Today is the second day i go to school (form 6)
Second time i enter green road as well.. erm.. the school is HOT

Cos its located in the middle of the city??? compared to my previous school, Sungai Maong in the jungle.. =.=

But still, Inti is still the best, for now.. i mean the school only, not hot, not bright, got aircon, the best.. now is totally opposite situation, hot, bright and no air con

I miss my hair lo.. cos it looks so nice.. it matches my face??? =.=

Cant wait to redye my hair again.. maybe need wait years later =.= But some of my hair behind still got bit of brown.. cos i knot see my back when i dye (duh).. so it turn out got tampok colour.. tampok nia la..

Green road teachers strict.. Yesterday 1st day orientation.. alot of people hair belum dye black.. then they cannot masuk the hall, need immediately go out redye then can go register... >.< go ="p"> I look so weird..!!!!!!!! the black hair is too black.. i dye dark brown, turn out to be super black.. nvm =.=

But i still think i look better with my tobacco hair.. patience >.<
The day will be here one day.. maybe after 5-6yrs??? =.=

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Crazyfool said...

wah.. lucky dudu dye hair back ar.. still same so cute lah hehe.. waiya.. use photoshop skill wo.. haha.. not so look like dudu ki le the photo haha.. transform to hamster still cute la hehe..