About my fishy again...
Today, when i was about to feed the fishy in the pond outside, i spotted something unusual

See, the mayat of the poor old fishy... =(

So geli... I don't know why it died.. but dada say it must be the weather too hot.. He got one fish kena cooked by heat also last last week i think >.<
true also.. these few days i can feel heat.. Like burning fire =.=

I feel so sorry for it.. eventhoug i don't love it as much as my fighting fishy.. but im sad it died too =( So, i dig a hole to burry it
May it rest in peace.. This plant will surely be very fertile =D


CH Voon said...

hope ur fish can go to heaven lo hehehe

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

pity fish.. maybe too old or water kena injected?