School life - Past, Present, Future (will update in the future)

Who enjoys going to school???
When i was 3 or 3+, i begged my mom to let me go to school..
I enjoyed school or should i say kindy so much..

However, when i go to primary school, i didn't enjoy it as much as last time..
Dont really remember why, but i was starting to hate going to school..

When i went to Secondary school, at first i enjoyed it.. I can mix well with others, eventhough i was from a different school before.. I talked alot, and had many friends :)
As i grow older, i kind of had my mouth glued, i hardly talk, unless people start talking to me, then i'll talk non stop..

Seriously, i hate my Secondary school life... Sometimes i only manage to say a few words for the whole day in class..
I prayed that i could leave that school asap.. Cos i really hate it there, and i dont like the people there =.=

Finally, sat for SPM, and that was the end of that horrible school!!! Yeppie..
In January, while other's were still hibernating, i started school :)
I join the January intake cos i knew none of my ex school mates will go, and i will not see them anymore!!

Ok, i was rite, non of them was there..
I had 4 new friends, which were my class mates :)

At first, i didn't enjoy my college life.. so unexpected..
It was all because of my mouth.. I don't talk, so no matter where i go, i will face the same problems.. Hardly find friends.. :(

Day by day, i was mostly alone, not alone la, with my dada.. But he's not my class mate =.=
Thank goodness we're from the same school, if not, everytime recess --- die

On the 2nd week of school, we decided to have a fund raising activity for our club - A level club (our club so poor, only got few hundred that time =.=)
Thanks to the lovely suggestion, i finally click with them :)
We go out together quite often, buy stuff, make test tubes, cookies and muffins.. It was fun!!! (but kind of wasting time)

It was valentine's fund raising so we made big big love shaped cookies..

Our muffins were so so good that some lecturer's insist saying that we bought it form shops eventhough we made it ourselves =.= Quite sad though.. Btw, i was the one who thought them how to make cookies and muffins.. We did those till midnight -.- But we enjoyed so damn much :)

Other than fund raising, we had a trip to the biodiversity centre.. Only the preserved snakes and other reptiles were interesting.. :P

The 5 of us.. Such a small class, but unique compared to other semester's student :P

I also had my FIRST job when i was studying there.. We work for the British Council.. One day, 5 hours, 75 bucks XD
Prom nite.. We form our own SUPER mini orchestra group and played canon in d and marrige d amour.. 1st time performing during a dinner, with many types of people =.=
What i enjoyed most in school is playing basketball :P I didn't play basketball ever since i left Primary school..

Can play at night also.. more song.. cos not hot..
Got guard say me amoi pandai know how play ball XD

That was past la.. now im in form 6 =.=
Cos i decided to be a teacher instead of a pharmacist..
Yea, going to form6 means - seeing them again..
How do i feel??
Good ler.. Cos now i know how to talk liao, so i dont feel lonely or bored anymore XD
But i still miss my college life, i was there one sem, 3 months ++ so many things to do.. But many of my friends left, now left two nia.. so kesian :
Hope that uni life or maktab life in future will be better than last time :)
But who knows i dont want to be teacher anymore next year @.@
Hopefully i wouldnt change anymore la.. :D

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

so nice post dudu.. no matter go to where study.. must enjoy ourself to the best! dont think bad things liao.. talk with fren and share the happy moment!~ inti time was really good.. we make cookie.. play basketball... yeah i am nice coach :P

still lots more fun and happy things going on de.. as long as dudu guai guai dont learn bad or do bad things,, and be more active, talk more, play more, then sure you can enjoy more your life~~