Yipie yipie lala

Hihi.. :)

Straight to the main point

Yesterday, i went out with dada :):)

See, he's so old.. Dont know where he took the photo =.=

We went to Spring's Sushi King.. After eating, was attracted by this, went to have another meal =.=
TOOOOOO Salty, but nice :)

This is mr lion. He's cute and loved by all the aunties and uncles in my class :)

He enjoys playing with the pen.. And this is what happen :(

Dada went and buy 2 more cutie pie for me :D
Tortoise which looks like a leapord *says mom

Mr Tiger.. However, I still think that lion's the cutest among all :)
Anyway, im using mr lion for the time being.. He has janggut!!!

There's a note in Mr Tiger's tummy

Look's like a kiddy's writing :):)

Add on -
Future is mine, I'll spend it with you :P
Thanks for the cutie's dada

He always say: "We'll never be rich if we keep spending and don't save money"
But he wants to make me happy~~ :D:D

Mushroom from my garden.. So pretty


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hehe..lucky dudu got many doll.. hope dudu like it. i also very like the doll so cute.. take care good good loh.. dont get ink again.. pity pity.. got time upload the video for that guy haha.. today really a full pack day.. time really not enough use lo! must appreciate nice nice~

~dolly~ said...

yaloh yaloh..
i got this template from wan.. ho ho