So long didnt update.. lazy~~
+ my one and only visitor is---> leng zai dada

My school results so sui.. Many colour of bunga :P:P
Dada so happy i got so many bunga so he brought me to eat buffet yesterday.. Finally :)

The food.. I'm still thinking of the satay.. prawn eat too many feel so geli..

I like this pic :D The cute and innocent me :P

Food stuff in my mouth.. make me look like tua pui

I ask him to act emo

My favourite~~~~~~ I still wan some more...

Expresso + ice cream.. I wanted to play with the machine.. the coffee taste so pueky
But the heart so leng.. From who to who??4


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

ehem.. dint say is i make de love ar.. so short de post haha.. i think got more nice de love coffeee le.. hehe.. next time we go try other place again yah.. er.. next year. hahahaha... yeah our picture nice nice.. hehe.. dudu study hard ah.. if bunga again dont bring u eat ar haha..

Marciana said...

got bunga then sui ar dada.. I study so many year, never get bunga before.. Now get alot of bunga.. Even kiasu ppl also got bunga.. I lazy ppl got bunga = pro :P:P