10 new muffins

10 new flavoured muffins~~

Apple cinnamon
Apple on top, apple inside
The apple inside is soft!! yum
10 for RM15

Mix fruits and oats
Healthy muffin with oats
10 for RM15
The mango smells sooooooooo good!!
The inside is soft too
10 for RM18
only during mango season~~

Yum.. Oreo powder on top and oreo chunks inside
10 for RM12

Orange and raisins
The orange gives a refreshing smell :D
Raisins are yummy :)
10 for RM12

Plain banana cake
Soft inside
20 for RM24
Banana chocolate chip
Yummy chocolate chips are melty inside
20 for RM28
Banana walnut
Crunchy walnuts on top and inside
10 for RM15

Chocolate chip walnut
Melty chocolate chips and crunchy walnuts
20 for RM28

Chocolate chip and almond flakes
A perfect combination :)
20 for RM28

Photo quality should be better??
I took this with my new phone~~
I bought this phone because my old phone died :(
Its another samsung, S5233W
Me likey it because its touch screen, and has wifi function
But the camera only 3.2mp :(


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

wahhhhh look so attractive and yummy le!! i want i want!! dudu this time do till so well, so great job!! nice nice!

CH Voon said...

i want too!

Ah Leen said...


Dudu is a potential housewife! Knows how to bake so many things!

Crazyfool must treasure her ah! :D