Saddy sad sad

As shown in my title, today is a sad sad day for me :(
I failed to enter maktab, without any idea why??!! I did well in my interview leh!!

OK no point crying over spilt milk now (i spilt no milk anyway) :p
So.. A little cheery thing made my afternoon sliGHTly B-E-T-T-E-R~
My mom came home with..


A (quite big) aqua, and
a pail of assorted..

FISHYS (i'll feel so much better if it is assorted chocolateSss =.=)

See my new, Free aqua.. quite big tough :p

I was so excited to have my own big aqua, i wanted to decorate it into a nice place for my fishys to live in.. I copy some idea from HERE but i modifyed a little so it look more nicer than THIS!!!
I picked stones from my garden's walking pathway, and plants from the soil o.o and add in a little shinny diamond(fake) from my cousin's shoe wahahah... and i plan to add in little toy cars (WTF) from Nutrigen =.= but its too light o.o floating cars weee~~

Nah, all my new fishys from an aunty.. This aunty is so generous.. Oh btw this aunty is my mom's student's mummy.. She asked her son to scoop his beloved fishys to give it to me wahaha :p he should have given me more =.= hmmp...

The fishys consists of sword fish, and guppys.. maybe many other types but i duno their names..

So many rite??!! I think more than 50 !! Try counting them from the picture and let me know :)

I decorated my own aqua.. it looks nicer in real.. I got rainbow guppys!!

Neh this scary sword fish!! Its huge and i think its tail can slice meats =.=


What happened to my fishys?! Died cho.. after less than an hour =.= The fish which died is this amount x3.. I think it died of chlorine poisoning.. oops.. i didnt know that they are so choosy..

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha.. first of old very great dudu blog again.. got time i also should blog also.. cheer up dudu.. everything will be good in future one.. surely they is reason why god dont let you go in maktab.

for fishy, yah they are very soft de.. unlike betta.. they more tough.. so have to be reminded next time dont use pipe water too fast.. they cant tahan it.. dont worry i will catch alot for you since u so happy to have many fishy and copy my aquascaping skill hihi... cheer up dudu ! life always wonderful when you know how to enjoy it.. keep fish is one of it.. next time got more money then we can go play and enjoy more things.. things coming better and better ! dont think bad yah! muakkssss