Its the 1st day of puasa.. now they are buka puasa-ing, where as im puasa-ing in my room..
I have not eaten, no food for us non muslims(i think) based on my friend's description bout the cafeteria door-closed..
Yes i do have a cooker in my room but.. im just plain lazy~~
BTW who's the evil one who thinks that my previous post was lame!! Evilness..

*This is going to be another lame post.. yay i like being lame :)
Currently im scratching my entire body-like a dog which hadn't bath for years..
I think there are hidden buggy's in my room..
But i can't see them, they're too tiny to be seen..
And i DID tidy my room.. hmmp

*Owh owh the lousy sound system.. why didn't anyone repair it?
I cant hear what the speaker's talking.. so im not bothered :P
Recently i feel so :(
I miss my friends back in Kuching :(
Studying here is no fun at all... Urgh
Can i stay here for 5 yrs?

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha who lame u o.. not me.. hug hug.. hope u can come back lo.. if not then just hope time fast fast past only ar.. wat to do.. ask u form 6 u dont want last time.. now no return liao.. so just go ahead and finish it bahh.. everything u dont like u hate have to tackle it.. have to overcome it de.. dont have always so nice for u everything suite ur taste de ma.. jia you !