Chipmunk chipmunk

I was given the nickname "chipmunk" by my dada's friend..
Do i look like a chipmunk? not... =)
But after that i started to love chipmunks- obviously, they're cute

Erm.. I dont really look like a chipmunk, in the sense that i neither have chipmunk gigi, nor love to eat nuts.. The only similarity between me& chipmunk --> my hair colour i suppose =)
Chipmunks are cute, so everybody should show their love towards chipmunk by dyeing their hair brown =.=


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hehe very good start ma dudu.. keep it up oh hehe.. no worry what u write just write whatever you like yah! support you always !! hehe cute chipmunk dudu!!~

pikey said...

Cute first post!! Quite funny too.

Welcome to the blogging world.

valppy said...

my comment is...... got wrong spelling!! LAME~
burst into laughter when see the afghanistan one... x.x some pictures are funny...ur hair colour looks good in those pics.. =D
and u look like a pilot or sth like that in the photos posted on monday... get ready to fly? XD