My love

In this post, I would like to share about my LOVE

I love to

1. do kitchen stuff, eg:baking and cooking {except for washing dishes and cleaning up =) }

2. eat out

3. invent new cookie recipes

4. play with my dada

5. play with chipmunk eventhough she cant talk =.=

My Love, Part 1
I made these muffins.. Eventhough it looks a little... but it tastes good.. (tumbs up)

If you are interested, i can make some for you, but you'll have to pay, of course =)
These are giant sized cookies.. i dont think you can find any sold in bakerys.. It's special =) I made it too.. with the help of my dada's hand made mould

Spaghetti- cooked by me..

Fried chicken ( it tastes better than KFC's original flavour)

I cooked this for dinner.. because i love it =) It's 3 layered pork cooked in soya sauce... yum

Chicken curry- it looks a little chao hue da, but my mum say it tastes super good!

Cauliflower + japaneese toufu and meat.. I don't like vege, so i don't know whether it is nice or not.. =)

Tom yam seafood(prawns and sotong)

Yum.. I remembered we could not finish this scrumptious meal and had to tapao it home =)

Yum.. i love the durian one most!!

KFC's hot and spicy chicken.. best in Kuching =)
ps: two people were sharing this *)

The green tea one not nice >.<
These are the food which i love =) ___________________________________________________________

My Love, Part 2
My dada- someone i love alot.. he's so vain.. keep taking picture's in public *)
Baru had his hair temporarily straightened.. no helmet head for the time being.. hihi =p

My baby chipmunk!!!! so cute.. But the gigi not so correct, wrongly placed..
Anyway, she's the cuttest chipmunk i can find in Kuching =)


Anonymous said...

yeah.. dada of memang like take photo~ hoho.. lengchai ma.. buiek.. yeah our baby chipmunk so cute!! love it so much~ hehe

write quite good leh.. arrange nicely also hehe.. keep it up oh! see other write what .. some very useful and + our knowledge! :D

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Is hard to take care of a crazy guy~~ i understand you very much~~

cause i have a wife that have almost same faith like you~~


take care~ ^_^