A day out with Dada

Today, as usual, i went out with my dada... =)
We received RM20 voucher from Manhattan Fish Market during Valentine's day, after spending RM100++

Not bad la, at least they give us back RM20.. If not, we'll need to pay RM 50++ for a miserable dish of untasty seafood and a peanut taste drink =.=
Dada was quite sad because he had to spend money again =p

The food enhancer was served 10mins before the food arrive =.=

Dada was quite hungry( i suppose) and he ate some chilly and garlic *puek

The sauces are really so crappy.. All with garlic, onion, onion, garlic =.=

While waiting for the food to arrive, i started off with my hobby =)

Dada joined in with a stupid expression =p

I look so dumb

After waiting for quite some time, finally.... the drink arrive..
Peanut taste =.=

I think it tastes a little weird... Or should i say, VERY weird

Some cream stuck on my lips.. Fattening!!!

Camwhore is my hobby *)

Bullying me is my dada's hobby =p

Omg.. I didn't know my dada inherited my act cute genes =)

The food so damn slow... I think we waited for about 20 mins..
Hungry.. but what to do.. don't know what happen to our food

This small dish of thingy costs RM28++
The sauce is super yucky!! Garlic..

If i not mistaken, the rice is also cooked with garlic.. Garlic cheap kah?
Dada was quite shock when saw the small little dish of food which cost him RM28++

I did not enjoy my dinner.. Why??
Too much garlic and onion lar!!
We were not full after that costly dinner.. So we went to fill our belly's with some donuts =)
Big apple donut.. Best donuts in Kuching =)
I LOVE the durian one.. They should put more cream in it.. =.=

I kind of ate all the cream from the donut, leaving dada with the creamless shell *)

Not satisfied with the money spent on the food!!!

Anyway, thanks to the RM20 voucher, if not.. cut throat


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yah.. never go back to that lousy shop.. you can cook better than them.. stupid shop.. next time we open one sure they bankrup. eat donut nicer.. but also not cheap hahaha.. dudu look cute~ hehe.. have fun for a day out with dudu!! :)

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

羊毛出在羊身上, that RM 20 voucher is just want u to spend more.. ^_^

Crazy and you really funny... your blog will sure overtake crazy blog soon... wakkakak!!

CH Voon said...

hahaha 2 monkeys playing around ahahhaha