How i meet my Dada


About 5 yrs ago, i already know my dada... Thanks to MIRC =)

Not only thanks to that lame program, but also to my friends sister who introduce me this program XD

Dada found me on blhigh channel, then we chatted, become friends

He ask me to visit his website.. the one about mouse.. Because of that website, it made me remember him for years.. cause it was super funny XD

I left him a lame comment as well =)

This is how i look 4 yrs ago.. =.=

And this is how my dada look bout 5 yrs ago =)


Sadnya... don't know why.. we lost contact =.=

For about 4 yrs, we totally din contact each other

But i do have my dada's contact on my msn and friendster =)

My dada last year

Me last year


Thanks to this cupid.. It link us together after years (so unexpected)
How did we suddenly contact each other again??

Thanks to me =p

Last year (after my SPM) i had nothing to do.. my mom wouldnt let me work.. i had nothing to do..

So, one day... I made some muffins.. then i had this crazy idea of selling it online, but i don't know how to make a website..

Then... I went to look for dada.. =) ask him how he did his website years ago..

He didn't reply me instantly that nite, he was out, i gather..

But he left me a message =)

The next day i went online, he caught me.. and since then, we chat non stop for hours a day.. We sms each other too *)

How did i get dada's no??

Cause he ask me to mms the muffins picture for him to see XD


Metting dada ^^:

1. Douglas (we sort of made an appointment to meet each other there.. secretly(without my mom knowing) *)
Dada went with his friend.. Then dada saw me and sms me.. That time he had freaking long hair.. (not nice =p)
2. Swinburne open day (same situation.. we see each other secretly.. just got the chance to peep at each other.. i was quite scared that my mom found out why this guy kind of appear everywhere we go.. but we didn't care.. =p) *i ask dada to have his hair cut before going to see me
3. After Swinburne, at Saberkas.. (we didn't really plan to meet each other.. we wanted to see whether we had faith to meet each other or not.. Then.. we bumped into each other *yea)
4. Inti registration (we went there for registration.. omg.. dada was so damn handsome that day.. But.. he didn't look at me directly everytime.. then i suspected that he had eye problem!!!
5. Toyota service centre - meet my mom.. wow.. our progression was super fast.. I told my mom bout dada, then she say she wana meet him, while waiting for her car to be serviced.. =)
Mom talked alot with dada.. and i kept peeping at dada.. When dada had the chance to talk to me.. *faint* he made me shocked!! He WAS talking to me, BUT looking somewhere else.. omg.. i really thought he had eye problem(mata julin)..
I was heart brokened.. then i didnt dare to look at him ANYMORE.. till when we went home, i said bye to him, but i was looking at the floor.. did not dare to know the truth-about his eye
haha.. but i was WRONG.. Stupid dada.. made me so sad nia..He sent tonnes of photos, showing that his eye was perfectly alright.. but i didn't trust it 100%.. i trust my eyes =.=
Then.. dada help me to sell my Form5 refference books.. He came to my house to collect them.. That time then i was sure that his eyes were alright.. Who ask him to always look somewhere else when talking to me.. XD

ps: i still have lots of books not sold out, interested can buy from me =)
After waiting for DAYS... Finally, school reopen!!
My mom told dada something -"help me take care of Marciana " i was blushing.. XD
Dada took my 1st picture.. I was reluctant to let him take.. but he took it without me knowing..
Nice shot =p
It was also this day which dada ask me to be his gf.. Woppie =D
On my birthday.. dada really made my 18th birthday so unforgetful.. It was so special..Love you dada

Dada helped me with the cookie sample.. We made till late at night.. Thanks to dada's smartness of making that mould =)

Dada's birthday present from me.. Something for his hairy moustach-after shave thingy(smells good=D)

We go out almost every week.. Have fun, spend money =.= (i do pay for some too sometimes =p)


My cute cute dada with his fabulous hair and handsome outfit

Looks like one of the Hong Kong actor- Bosco XD no more Takashi =p

I know.. i look like a noob.. Serious.. I don't look this fat!!!

I was playing with dada's phone.. Wanting to camwhore.. Then the flash went on.. (my terkejut look)

Ramdom picture of me.. Dada have the same T-shirt as me..
I bought it =)

Spending time together in school.. eventhough we are not in the same class =)

Dada look so funny..He plays with me too...

But some times he prefer to sleep rather than play with me =p

WE in school..Dada look so innocent

Me in dada's car.. going out to play =)
Some people at Spring gave this card to us..Im still too young to get married XD I baru masuk college =.=

Nice picture ^^
I remembered once we went somewhere to eat, then the aunty say us so ngam.. (thanks aunty.. you're so pretty =p)

Dada fooling around with me =)
Dada made me angry
I saw something unwanted(waste) in his phone =.=
Dada took pictures of me with my smelly face >.<
I started to join in the fun.. I love the camera
Making faces =)
Biting my fingers or wat.. not sure =.=
Banyak air in my mouth
Im happy again.. thanks to the camera
Look weird

Dada getting bored after making me happy.. I played with the camera, ignored him

Got lalat masuk his mouth liao~~

Photo taken today.. Loving couple ^^

We suit each other perfectly.. eventhough im 5yrs younger than dada =)
Love you dada *kiss



Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

I LOVE YOU DUDU!!! Waiting for you write this post for hours till i fall sleep.. but it is worth waiting!! Touching.. dudu make such a big post.. love dudu so much so so much.. dudu remember so well of our story.. touching.. hope we can keep on writing more story in future.. I love you dudu!! Muakssss

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Nice one! so lovely! later i want to make some sort like this, from how to start relationship till she deliver in this coming june!! wakakakakak..

CH Voon said...

hahahahaha so touch ;);)


sirei said...

adorable couple! :D

plus, you've changed a lot!
but still can't believe you're older than me

Junoey said... lovely~~ haha...nice post~~ ^^

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hehehehee sweet story :)
I'm 5 years younger than my boyfriend too.
But I'll turn 25 and ready to get married :P