Dinner during Earth Hour

Yesterday was earth day..

I participated as well.. It was my ah ma's idea to join in.. She off all the lights, switch for electrical appliances(including fridge) when it was time =.=
So hot lo..
Yesterday my mom become her friends driver.. She brought her to many places.. I followed as well =p Dada was suppose to come to my house at 3pm, but we only reach home at 7sth
Once i reach home, dada also come lo.. I so kesian, still have to become chef..
The noodle looks yummy =) I fry one..
ps: im not taking culinary arts *)
Dragon fruit to make dragon fruit drink.. 2 biji can make.. 5-6 glasses

Put the dragon fruit into the blender.. Blend till it mi mi ( like puree)

The blending process looks like that..

Pour milk into the glass, then pour in the dragon fruit thingy..

Tada.. Done.. It looks nice, and tastes good too =)

I made 4 glasses of dragon fruit drink yesterday, still got remainder fruit i made it today.. Yummy and healthy

2nd dish, black pepper mutton.. This is the bunga bunga to make it look nice, but i don like it >.<
Dada help me sapu all the vege =D

The raw mutton.. look so eeky lo.. Red red

Cooking it... I use two pan at once to cook 3 pieces.. cos almost 830 liao, need to speed up

So bo eng lo, need to jaga api, then need to flip the mutton gok..

Done - look nice ler.. *yum
Right after i cook, my ah ma off the light liao =.=
My mom on the emergency light - we eat with that light

Dada eat so fast...
ps: he ate my share as well
Dada still eat some untasty kang kung fried by my ah ma (kuat makan =.=)

My ah ma so kesi, already prepare EVEREADY torch light to use during her praying..
But la.. This Eveready torch light spoilt ki XD

My ah ma bo pien nid to use the old method -candle

My ah ma praying in the dark
Right after 930pm
Mama teach dada bout insurance, dada ask me to join in..
Dada listening to mama explaining
As for me.. posing for the camera
Ate some muffins from Kenny Rogers.. The aunty bought it for mama =)
I still think my muffins better.. =p
The pakaging so pretty..
The end


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha.. yeah.. funny when i heard ah ma so parcitipate it le.. nice experience to have earth day with you dudu haha.. next time cook more.. not enough eat eh.. hehe.. it was a great night !! hehe.. love you dudu~ muaks

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

waloayeh.. your ah ma.. respect~~ >.<