Me as Ms Clicking for the day

Class is So boring.. Suppose to have 5 students in my class, 2 older than me, and 2 same age as me.. But the 2 dears with the same age as me left, leaving me to boredom =.=
Im leaving anyway =p

Stupid picture of me taken yesterday.. I hate my fat face!!
Me playing basketball.. I have not played ever since i left primary school!! But i can still play quite well *wink

Phewit.. My ball masuk jaring~~ The more it masuk, the more i love basketball
Worked as an event assistant for British Council
It was my FIRST time working!! hehe..
My mom never let me work.. But since this job is not bad (5hrs rm75), so my mom agreed for me to join =)
At first i thought it would be fun.. (i was ms clicking - click when ever got ppl masuk dewan) sounds easy.. It IS the easiest job among all.. But..
Sheesh.. It was the boringest job in my whole life!!

Ok, before we start work, we went to Tun Jugah for some breakfast.. I did not eat, because of two reasons
1. I ate before i went out
2. Too much FATty fats
Dada ate some claypot thingy.. Not bad, he said.. Rm5.9 + free drink
While waiting for dada to finish his breakfast, i camwhore as usual =)
With fringe ore without fringe looks better ?

With spec or without?? o.o

The education fair booths

This is what i do for 5hrs.. Sickening.. Have to stand and smile like a noob..
Then, when i see no visitors coming, i quickly grabbed a chair and laid my butts on..
And to my HORROR...
I was bombed!! By an aunty.. sheesh.. have to stand again..
my kaki felt so unpleasant =.=
Such a lame job lo.. Stand stand stand, smile smile smile, press press press..
Some people really so..... weird =.=
Go in go out go in go out.. So i have to recognise their faces.. Im only allowed to click once for each person..
The staff there always come check on me, see im loitering around, then *bomb* explosion happens...
Registration counter.. Actually only provide 3 lappies, but not enough.. increase to 6..
The croud queue until the lift..
This is my first time working, and it was a bad experience..
Anyway, from this stupid job, i learnt that ==> we should NEVER be kepoma, eventhough people ask you for directions or what so ever.. Just keep your mouth SHUT..
Because i had been a kepoma by leaving my SPOT and showing the visitors their way which lead me to - being bombed!!
*btw, i was suppose to have an hr break, but i use it to help the people from the registration counter.. cos they didn't have enough hands.. 3 assistant, 6 lappies, lots of people..
I was such a kepoma... Now i really regret for being so kepo.. I hate working with adults =.= (but SOME of them are nice, the younger ones i think)
==============BLACK CLOUDS, BAD DAY==============
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Crazyfool said...

play more basketball with me, i like it. but faster learn how to bring your ball ar.. so noob kok.. hehe..

working is like that lah.. its normal for being blame for innocent reason. just try to work your part "act hardworkingly" and "go curi tulang" when no eye saw you. if you pro at this, working life is just so simple.

maybe you can just ask other ppl to help other than u show the direction ur self.

anyway, yours job is really so enjoy you know.. our job, need to wait many stupid idiot fill form, need to write stupid things which is totally uselss, have to explain tons of time what is it use for. meet greedy aunty ask for pen without a shame. anyway, i still think my job is so easy because the salary if 1 hour RM 15. WHERE got job so easy to earn that much... i used to work as waiter, only 1 hour rm1.8, and later i act hardworking become 2 or 2.5. that is busy non stop, take order from any kind of ppl which might scold you, bring plate, clean table, bring dirty plate back. realize how life is easy if you dont see things too small. there is other things which is harder :)

cheer~ wait you write more post! muaks love you dudu!

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

waloayeh! i love to play basketball too.

You like to play basketball too.

That mean, we shall like each other too!

Crazy and fooling around... kekeke..

valppy said...

i oso wan play ball!!! and u just stand at there for 5 hours and get $$$$$?! so unfair!! i oso wan... u wear like that play basketball a bit wierd le.. not hard to move?
don angry.. but u shud eat less... got a bit meat meat liao.. XD
but good oso... to skinny not nice..