About my dog, Chester

I received a phone call from my uncle just a few minutes ago

Uncle: Alix, help me to tie the dogs
Me: Ok

Hang up the phone

Then i went out to tie the dogs. My dogs are forbidden to leave the house. WHY??

Once, my black dog *pictured below* lari dari rumah when suddenly my house gate remote accidently press tiok..
He so happy, run like the wind.. then he din come back that night.. *hate him*
The next day, he came back..
He stinks lo.. I suspect he played with poo or something
Then slowly, he got sick, don wan eat, become so thin!!!
One week later, he...





*not die la*

cannot sit nor sleep down, can only stand.. so weird =.=

So my mom, who treats this dog like bao bei brought him to the vet..
After a full body check up - he was certified to be diagnosed with heart worm(doggies disease)
Who ask him to be so hiao, run out of house, then kena sting by mosquitoe.. i dont really know how this heart worm thing happen, for more info you can find out here :

The veterinarian ask us whether we wan let him go for treatment or....
My mom so sayang him, so let him go for treatment..
So my dog, Chester, waswarded in the dog hospital and undergo treatment.. *Just like people going for operation..
He stayed there for 2 weeks, we visit him everyday, bring meat porridge for him *my mom's idea
so much money spent on him =.=
Sometimes i thought he was going to die *evil

After that, he went home... Loss alot of fur*like kena cancer =.=

After that incident, my mom never let him out anymore..
My other dog got jealous ler, we treat this dog better.. cos he weaker mah >.<


Starting last week or week before i think, Chester looked sick again
Then yesterday morning...
When my mom wanted to tie him *she wants to go to work
Chester can hardly stand.. he keep on skiing
My mom so kan cheong *sien* quickly called and inform school (she's a assistant head master) that she will be late...
She went upstairs (we were all still in dreamland) and woke us all up.. Ask us to get ready, she wants to bring Chester to the clinic *not again* (stupid dog >.<)
I got ready, didnt have mood to do my hair(so early!! only 7 something) and went out in my ugliest look *i don't care, was still semi-asleep

Reach clinic, they baru open nia.. thank god no costumers..
1. nobody will see the ugly me
2. we don't need to wait, can go home faster

After doctor examine Chester, we paid for the medicine, and went home * relief, no sign of heart worm* (but i don't know what happen to him as well..)

Just now when i went to tie him, he can hardly stand.. (I suspect he has osteoporosis)
So kesian my dog.. =(
But he's quite old liao.. my white dog, Spike, older still..
But he looks younger than chester.. and... He's healthier and stronger =.=

This is Chester.. Photo taken in year2004.. he still look the same, just that.. he has more wrinkles now i think ;)


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yah.. i saw this lucky dog.. was treatent like a baby.. the owner so good in taking care .. bring to clinic and wat wat.. pei fu.. haha.. next time should get some more new "cute" dog.. this dog i dont even allow to touch.. hahahaha.. cause of fierceness.. erm.. i wonder.. never allow to try.. haha.. stupid doggie kaka.. dudu nice post ma.. hehe.. keep it up.. muaks muaks love you !

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

waloayeh!! so fast!!! no time read now.. :p

CH Voon said...

for me, i think the dog oledi go to heaven liao lo....