My thoughts and feelings

I find it hard to communicate with you

I want to ask bout something, but i dare not ask....

I don't know how to ask.. i don't know why..

I feel that in terms of communication, i cant get along well with you

I prefer you telling me, but sometimes you don't know what i want to know from you

I think
Sometimes i can hardly ask you something, but when i keep it to myself, i feel so seksa

I don't know how long we can last, cause

I think i still don't really understand you

We din't spend enough time to know each other well

Eventhough we knew each other since years ago

There's still a gap in our communications

I feel like asking something, but, it cant come out of my mouth

I keep waiting for the correct time to ask

But the questions stored in my mind accumulates and gets more

In conclusion
Im too free and can think alot

I don't know why you're not curious bout my past, never bother to ask

I know you say its for our own good

But why arent you curious?

Why am i so curious...

Maybe im too kepo, like to question alot

It made me know alot of unknown stuff

And now it makes me feel like digging for more information, to suit my pleasure

I feel so emo right now

1 comment:

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

it is too much to ask about ur past and i dont really got think of anything to ask.. dudu got anything want ask me then ask lah.. its ok de.. cheer up la yah.. :) love you :)