Chipmunk is speechless now...

He... don't know how to sweet talk.. I know he don't like to say flowery stuff, he always say that a guy who talks so flowery is always not saying the truth... Maybe..
But sometimes say a little also no harm mah.. don say till too over one la..
This afternoon, we played online game together.. He invited his friend to play with us..

I @@##$$@@

Ok, fine. Play jiu play
Then i need go tie the stupid doggies again, ask him to pause awhile
He say: you pause no pause also last la

Sweat la.. Why say until so... =.=
I admit im small gas, but you don say till so not nice to hear mah.. Cant you say something more supportive instead of pour oil into fire /.\

Ok, that is past, forget bout it

Just now..
Wanting to play online game, BUT
was told that he ask his freind to play with us again
I once again @@##$$@@@

Why always wan pasang bulb? Your house light spoilt meh?
So sien one

I don't wan play ar!! But you also don't know why
Or maybe you know, you just don't bother

Later say me small gas
Sien sien sien

*i write this for my ownself
Don't need comment bout it

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Crazyfool said...

aiyo.. dont want i invite fren you tell me only lah.. i tot more ppl play the game will be more fun ma.. more challenging.. not tat we never play together with any ppl le.. socialize a bit ma.. sorry lo dudu.. cheer up lah ya..

and i say u lose is kidding + say truth only ma.. sorry la so straight.. i dont like say lie that sound so good.