Happy Happy

Tomoro is SATURDAY~~~
To spring (not again) we will go..

Im so happy.. cos i'll be seeing dada tomorrow =p Woopie...
So long i din't see him already.. 7days!!! *faint
Last time i see him in school monday to friday, saturday we go out together, only sunday we didn't see each other..

But that time, one day no see nia, feel like one week didn't see, so miss him..
What more to say this time, already one week didn't see him, feel like one month..

Eventhough i see him on webcam everyday, but i prefer seeing him in real..
Wednesday we broke record, skype was a good boy/gal, didn't putus line.. So we were on for 12 hours++
We didn't talk for 12 hours non stop la, we still got do our own stuff, eat, bath, feed fish(dada) and read newspaper(dada)

Im no more angry with dada liao.. hihi...
But la.. If dada can be a LITTLE more romantic.. better still =)
Don't always talk to me so adultly la.. I still kecil >.<

Chipmunk want's to sell her depression pills =p


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yeah dudu happy back liao.. hehe.. tomorrow go play liao yah.. dont sad liao.. hehe. muaks dudu~ uhid uki~

Junoey said...

haha....gud to hear u tis......hv a nice day 2moro ^^