Chipmunk's cooking class I

I would like to share a little knowledge on how to make "he pia"( prawn cracker)
The process is as easy as ABC.. And btw, its my 1st time making he pia ;)

A picture of my mom, cousin and me.. My mom WAS a good cook before, passed down her knowledge to my cousin, and now the knowledge finally reach me =)

And now,
Lets get started (apron on)
Ingredients A
150gm self raising flour
1tsp chicken cubes
1/4 salt
7 ozs water = about 220gm water (i think)
1/2tbsp oil
1/2 tsp baking powder

Ingredients B
30gm dried shrimp (he bee)
Prawns!!!!! (As needed)


You will need to have a scale (to measure the weight of the ingredients needed)

Self raising flour NOT ordinary wheat flour ( kuching ppl can find these flour at DIY kereta api or KKK at india street)

Baking powder

Chicken stock.. Don't tamak put alot, cause i also cant differenciate the taste with or without chicken stock =.=

Mix the flour, chicken cube, salt, water, oil and baking powder

The dried shrimps (soak in water for awhile)

Prawns.. I didn't have the soft shelled prawn at home, so i use this type.. Not that good, the shell quite hard

I "hammer" the dried shrimps and mix it into ingredients A

The mixture of ingredients A and dried shrimps

Clean the poo from the prawn, and cut off half head of the prawn (the part with the eye and "whiskers" and sharp pointed nose/mouth)

The mould i had, as you can see, it is a little too small for the prawn =.=
So i din use the mould =p

The frying process of the "he pia"

Tada.. I know it looks a little ugly.. bo pien, im so scared the oil will splash when i put the dough into the oil.. so after i put it in, i run far far and wait untill it is cook.. I didn't go "adjust" the shape of it.. Hee~~
The cooked he pia's... It look a little adnormal/ different from the ones sold outside...
but but but.. in terms of taste.. Its better then SOME of them sold outside.. =p (can ask dada if you don't believe me)
That's the end of our 1st FREE cooking class..
Next up - coffee cookie =)


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yeah yum yum.. i eat 5 i think.. lol.. hahaahaha.. delicious.. sayang cant try just cook one.. sure more nice hehe..

CH Voon said...

boleh makan ke?