I want to be a teacher

I FEEL like being a teacher...
I like to be one =) (lame)
Furthermore, the pay is quite high $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I only need to work for half day =)

But being a teacher..
I might get bullied by students??
This teacher look so noob
If only i can dress like that to teach in class..^^ Phewit

However, being a teacher, i will need to mark lotssss of papers and workbooks.. So hectic (i actually helped my mom to mark 4sets of test papers of that amount each)
But some of the papers are quite easy to mark.. Good student, study for exam

However, some students are too clever.. they invent their own words... can form the newest dictonary already =.=

Disadvantages of being a teacher..

I cant keep pretty nails with painted cartoons =(

I can't wear fashion clothings to work

This one not bad.. But if i wear it everyday, it makes me look old faster

This is a COMPULSORY clothing for government school teachers.. They wear it on don't know what day/week of the month.. Just imagine.. Me, 20++(by then) , wearing this =.=


CH Voon said...

Teacher career is good! If you have degree, you can earn more than rm3k after training and somemore you can give tuition to student...

Add up... should more that rm4k to 5k gua....

and have time to pick up children home too.

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

think properly first loh.. dont play play with future~ but you always got chance to choose want do wat in future.. no worry.. hehe.. lao shi zhao an~~ wo yao shi shi~~