Sushi king RM2 promotion

Woopie.. Sushi king is having a RM2 promotion!!!!!
I want to go i want to go...

So generous, give rm2 promotion.. i wan to starve myself for few days before i go.. =p

Soooooo much food... FOOD!!!!

Can see shuai ge make food........ Yo... So nice =)

Besides, got free tea somemore.... Can have the whole pot of tea to yourself too..
Sushi's on the belt is said to be rm2 each..
This one??

Don't know what's that.. tuna?

Compared to the blue plate rm2 and this one.. of course i'll choose this one =.=

And this one!! Maybe limited edition >.<
Never notice this one...
This is fried egg or something?? I remembered it was sweet??

Never seen this one either

This is deep fried hard boild egg.. Wu.....Yummy yummy

Eel eel eel eel eel... *drool

I hope i can eat these X3
Hahahahahaha....... =)

But the SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD thing is...
I don't have the sushi king 2009 member card!!!!!!!!!!!

Im a sad little girl =.=


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha.. ow... want go see shuai ge make sushi la.. i got card o~ hahaha.. borrow from fren liao le.. hehe.. ho ho... eat eat eat ~

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Nvm la dear.. i heard one card can bring 5 people ma. Ask your Crazy Dear to look for the people that just bring their partner, then join them lor!!!