Went to Sushi King's RM2 promotion

WEee...........~~~ Just now dada brought me to Sushi King...
At first i was happy..
Cos there was alot of food on the belt.. (i took for granted that everything on the belt was RM2)

Sushi's... So many kinds... My eyes were quite blurr after looking at the assorted sushi's

Dada eating the deep fried hard boil egg sushi.. SO nice... I wanted to take another plate of this.. Luckily i didn't.. Phew~~

A piece of salmon on the rice ball.. So dull =.=

This one not bad.. At least the eel is marinated.. Not tasteless =)

This one... The fried prawn was as if so soggy... Cooked for a long time already maybe??

Wee wee... My favourite... I wan some more~~~!!! Don't know when dada is bringing me to sushi king again... =)

the one on the far left not nice.. The chicken meat(i think) so tough... And not hot...

Me eating some sort of raw chopped sotong or something similar...
THANK GOODNESS a waitress came over to count the dishes we had.. Then i relise something..

Only those plate with sides fully coloured are rm2.. =.=

Too late... We thought the octopus and scallops were rm2 as well.. We.. took quite a number of them... Celaka =.=

I was quite shock lo... We actually took 5 of the different plate.. Add up to be rm28 >.<
Sim tia.. But my dada still eyeing on the baby octopus.. I ask him not to see =.=

All together we ate 11 plates of sushi.. 6 of rm2, and the other 5 at rm,4,5,6..
The total was rm12+rm28=rm40 ++++++++++ tax and service charge rm6
GRAND TOTAL is RM46... wtf..
But there was still alot of people eating there.. Don't know whether any of them are like us.. Didn't read/see the terms and conditions properly before entering the place...

We were given 45 minutes to eat all we can... At first i thought the time was quite short.. But after knowing the difference in price according to the plate... We became full instantly, and quickly left the place =.=

Puuuaaaaaaaa... When we went out.. There was a long queue... People really interested in the rm2 promotion.. Of cos la.. Sound so cheap =.=
After that, we went window shopping.. I bought my favourite soya bean... YUmmy...

I played with the water at the pool.. Look so noob.. No kids around that time.. Weird.. Other times, this place will be packed with kids..

Me and my love... Muacks..
Dada's going to work/ practice?? tomorrow.. Wu...... =(
Sad me... i will definitely be super duper truple bored... x.x
Anyway.. Hope dada don't fish during work =)


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha.. ok la.. if i got a bit allowance we go eat again loh if you really want.. haha, must pick octopus~ haha.. lovely dudu writting is interesting..i like it haha.. dudu i love you ohhh.. hehe.. keep it up and write more in future hehe...

yalo.. tomorrow need practice or also work liao.. dudu sayang at home o.. guai guai.. upgrade ur self ar.. dont do nothing oh.. i back home want hear what interesting and good things u do or learn ok! hehe..

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Thanks for your information. My dear also love to eat sushi one. Lucky your sharing 'enlighten' me!!

Your dada become mangsa jor.. @_@"

Good day! ^_^

CH Voon said...

hehe.... why so geli one both of you hahaha :P

CH Voon said...

hahahaha i mean the some of sentences... abit geli ahahahaha

but i used to it... dont worry keep it on :P

Jerry said...

wa wa wa....pls jaga the reader's feeling lar... many (me) stil single lar... u all like tht will make ppl jealous... hahah

anyway... ask ur dada to buy u a good camera phone to snap macro photos... SE cybershot ok ma... hahahah...