Damn eye

Yayaya.. what i wish for yesterday didn't come true =.=
I predicted it already.. but still a little sad.. cos my hope = 0% =(
For the whole of yesterday, my left eye keep bouncing/ jumping/ watever
Damn eye.. Why do it need to jump when i wish for something =.=

Today.. I called UTAR, interested in the foundation in science course..
At first, i was so so so scared to call =.=
I woke up at 5.00am to prepare a SCRIPT of questions to ask the people who will be answering my call =.=
FYI, this is the FIRST time i ever make such phone calls =.=
I was so damn scared... My heart beat was super fast
Not only that, my stupid left eye went disco again.. wtf

Then, after waiting for hours for the time to arrive (at about 9.00++am)
I could feel that my heart was beating too fast, i felt it was going to bounce out.. serious =.=
Despite my 99% timidness, i still have 1% of courage..
I pick up the phone, dailed
i paused for bout 5sec to calm myself down and pressed the last number 8

Great, it start ringing..
Reception/computerise type : welcome to UTAR (something like that)
For wat wat press 8, for wat wat press 9
I think i pressed 9, or issit 8?? dont remember
Then there's a boring song......
For bout 15sec or so.. then the phone was as if picked, i say hello, no answer
celaka... then i put down the phone =.=

Reported the incident to dada.. yea, im a reporter=.=

After bout 15mins, i called again..
Same thing happened..
Nobody answered =.=
I don't dare call anymore.. scary >.<
I might as wait for my mummy to get home and help me call =)

Im a big/overgrown baby =.=

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

good loh.. at least take first move to call.. must learn independant more lah.. cannot always depends on ppl liao.. then you will have own experiences in doing things.. lihai liao ya.. muaks love u