I wish that....

I wish that...
All the wishes i wish for will come true..
But non of them ever come true =(
I don't like my life, not say don't like, but not contented with it..

Why am i not the lucky type???!!!!!!!! issit cos my time and date of birth is not pretty?? =.=

For example:
I apply for teaching and matriculation..
I get nothing

People apply for both too,
they are so lucky till they get both =.=

At least, if i get either one, i wouldn't be so headache don't know what to study..

I wish that..
My wish can come true..
Im not greedy, just this ONE wish..
But the chances are 50 50 =.=
Either come true, or don't come true..

My left eye keep "jumping" =.=
They say left is not good right is good ??
But dada say left is good right is not good >.<


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

waiseh.. dudu wish sure come true.. tofo tofo.. dudu kissed you haha.. woo change this change that liao oh.. so geng.. hahaha.. ee? the song why no hear "oahhhh " "oahhh" one?

CH Voon said...

aiyo... you are very supertition!

Aiyo... cannot get and try again lo...

I experience that too....

it is life... happy and unhappy...

I think you better to understand what is life hahaha and come to see this blog

hehehehe :P