I want food

A list of food which i want to eat :

Pizza from pizza hut
Pearl milk tea... with lots of pearlssssssssssss

Everything from Mc donalds, especially the fries.....!!!!!!!!!!!

Never been to marry brown yet..I WAnt to go i want to go.. *hint dada ;)

KFC's 4.90 promotion.. have not tried, always alot of people =.=

Lots and lots of ice creamssss.... I wan more scoops of mint flavour

Sugar bun's fish burger..

Sushi king's egg sushi

Pau pau pau.. The foochow big pau at padungan.. *im super hungry

All the dim sam'sssssssss.. The yummy yummy ones!!!

I love har kao with super thin skin and lots of meat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple donuts... I WANT to buy the 12 pieces in a box one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Six of them would be durian donut

I don't really like durian fruit, but i LOVE durian donuts!!!!!!!!

Cream puff... I don't really like them, but i just feel like eating them now!!!!!!!

Chicken rice chicken rice chicken rice!!!!!!!!!!

Cakes.. Dada say he would buy cake for me on Saturday.. but he didnt :/
He bought keropok for me instead =.=

I want to eat all!!!!!!!!! All to myself!!!!!!!!!!!

How i wish..............
I banyak duit...........
Then i can go eat all the food.........
In one day =.=


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha.. dada want pokkai loh~~~ hahaha.. i want eat too if got alot money hehe.. dudu cook de more nice le.. i want curry lamb.. muahaha..

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

wa dear~~ that hurts! i see also feel release... you know why? cause i not dada~~

kesian him~~ @_@"

CH Voon said...

after eating... it is time to slim down liao...

Give you 2 selection, one is finish all the food and become pig, and second is not become a big.