Im lost

Im so sad... WHY WHY WHY???
Cos i don't know what to study yet...

At first, i WAS studying A-level at Inti, then, one by one, my friend's left.. =.=
Then my mom was so interested in the sonography course, then ask me quit and go join =.=
Then i quit, but i feel i want teaching =.=
Then i apply teaching, but i apply wrong one =.=
Then i didn't get choosen, cos i apply wrong one(my results not good enough to get the oversea one) =.=
Then i thought i might as well go for sonography =.=
Then my mom learn from her friend that i should go form6 then next year when 2009 SPM result release then go apply teaching again =.=
Then i say cincai =.=
Then now my mom so scared of me going kl alone =.=
Then i say ask my ah ma follow me there =.=
Then my ah ma so happy =.=
Then my mom keep say wait two more years when more matured then go =.=
Then i saw the news bout kuching ppl go kl mati =.=
Then that night i so scared, i told dada i don dare go kl =.=
Then the next morning i told my mom i don dare go kl =.=
Then my mom so happy =.=
Then after few days i not scared liao =.=
Then i tell my mom i wan go kl again =.=

Im lost =.=

I miss my dada =( he's at work again


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

kolien dudu.. so many macam on further study.. but good also la.. better consider carefully before simply go study.. cause hardly can change if really go for it liao.. think properly wat u want lo.. i also dont like finish spm.. so duno want study wat.. susahnya..

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

lol... lost....


No worry, go ahead!

Just do it! =)

p/s: remember always think to help other, u will get more berkat and pahala.. your life would be smoother~ sure de~~ ^_^