Stupid fish

I used to have 3 fighting fishy... At first, dada gave me 2 male fishy, then i wanted to make little fishys, so i "borrowed" dada's female fishy...
One of the male fishy is quite aggressive, whereas the other i suspect he is gay =.=

I mate the aggressive fish with the female fish 3rice, but only 2wice success.. the other time, the female fish was bitten till rotten, so i quickly took her out.. where as the other gay fish.. he don't even make bubbles even after a week i put them together.. =.=

Ok, the gay fish died one day, without me knowing.. it died, and there were ants crawling to its body!!! eewww...

I hate the stupid aggressive male fish.. cos its so aggressive??? =.= Dont know, I just hate it

I put the fishy in seperate bottles now, and all of them on the same table as im using now.. Often, i will play with them =.= Touch their body *swt, im not bian tai

I think they hate me, cos they keep starring at me!!! and i feel so annoyed you know... the fish, starring at you..

So, i put books in front of their bottle now so that i cannot see them starring at me anymore =.=

Im going out with dada later, yeppie =)


elims Chuang 光宏 said...

lol....u really funny la.. become annoyed by a "stupid" fish.. @@"

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hahha.. funny dudu.. u memang bully fish de.. haha.. gay de beh tahan sucide first.. other continue suffer.. why dont say you "success" grow some of ur fry.. haha..

CH Voon said...

i pity the gay fish... go to heaven early from your bian tai attidude hahaha