Damn girl =.=

I just woke up bout half an hour ago.. Its now 11something (the time stated at my post there is cacat)
So sleepy...
I was in dreamland, then suddenly the phone rang...
Who call ar... I went and pick up the phone

Me: hello
Girl: hello, *she was calling someone's name i think*
Me: *wat the hack is she saying... * so i say hello again
Girl: she was talking the apunene languague again.. *i think she thought im her fren or something, she was calling a weird name*
Me: Who??
Girl: *put down the phone*
Me: ????

Stupid girl... Call my house make me wake to answer your stupid call, then you just put down the phone without saying wrong number or anything... Zzzzzzzzzz
Make me cannot sleep anymore..
Now, my head is heavy and im still sleepy, but how to sleep now ar... So late already

Wondering why i wake up so late?
Cos im so bored at home =(
Dada went to work... Zzzzzz
No time sms me.
He finish work at 5pm
So better i sleep till 11sth or 12, then wake up, bath, lunch
Then by 1.30pm, watch tv till 5.30pm then dada back liao...
I know i know i sound so useless =.=
But i have nothing to do, except online online online.. *im schoolless, my class have not started, and i don't know what to study yet*
Im sleepy... Damn girl =.=

I have a photo of someone pretty.....


















wan see pretty stuff also need sacrifise some time...















+++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++








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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

faint.. dudu bully again swt.. anyway who is that ho.. never see before.. how u know this ppl de dudu? hehe..dudu shout just off the phone call if u feel annoying..