My mom is a wonder woman *_*

Eventhough i stay in this house, but i think i didn't walk in my garden for months already...
Unless longan season, then i will go pluck all the buah and eat... hahaha...
I pluck and eat and pluck and eat =.=

Fishy.. Actually got 4 fishy, then one of them born baby fishy.. now the baby fishy also big liao...
So long i didn't feed the fishy also.. They eat tadpole(maybe)

This pond aka blue tub was fixed by my mom... =.=
Years ago, when we just move in, my mom dig this big hole to put the tub in there... I still remember she dig till midnight, then we pasang emergency light for her >.<

My mom loves gardening alot.. She make her own fern garden.. She saw a big fern on the tree at her school and ask people climb up there to get it down for her.. =.=
One of her school workers after balik kampung also bring alot of fern for my mom.. But too many fern already...

My mom trying to imitate the orchid tree at don't know which country's airport..
She buy long long plastic pipe, then melt it and bend into tree shape.. Then she go hang all the orchid plants on it..(i did help to hang)

This part no mantainance... look like jungle already.. Last time i got help trim the plants.. But the more i trim the shorter it gets... Later become botak =.=

This part is planting pitcher plant.. My mom wan follow her fren, plant alot of pitcher plant near the fence so that it can grow around the fence.. =.=

Notice the two tall pole.. That one is for my dragon fruit plant.. =.= My mom scare my dog kena scratch by the torns, so she make the pole so long >.<

This one super tall...
This one is still so short.. Shorty... These two plants plant at the same time gok =.=

My mom is so in love with this plant... She plant the whole row.. Jimat money buy flower

I didn't know nanas take half year to grow.. Anybody know??!! So long... but it don't taste good pun =.=

Chester is old eventhough he is younger

Spike is young eventhough he is older =.=

That's the end of my mom the wonder woman story.. She did all the planting herself =.= I do nothing.. cos i don't know how to plant..

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yeah.. ur mom strong woman lai de.. manage many things.. dudu guai guai dont often quarrel with her oh :)