Dada in the papers???

Just now, i went to the living room to watch tv..
My mom was reading the newspaper...
I WAS starring at the papers, a picture caught my attention..
Then when my mom was about to flip the paper, i stopped her
I snatch the papers over.. i was shock to see what i've saw

Dada looks like this.. he's cute =p

Yes, i saw this in todays Borneo Post... I starred at him for sometime..
I think he looks like dada.. but when i compare his photo with this picture, not the same la... =.=
Optical illusion??? I mean, he looks like dada from what way i also dont know.. but when i see this picture, i thought it was him.. =.=

Extra evidence
1. I showed this pic to my mom, she was like "wow".. =.=
2. Then my mom showed the picture to my ah ma.. my ah ma was like.. What is his face doing in the papers?? =.=

See at 1st sight looks alike, but when i compare them, erm.. maybe less than 50% alike???
The eye brow, the dimples and the sharp nose are the similar characteristic dada have.. the eyes?? almost the same gua.. =.=
Does that mean they really look alike?? i mean they have same features.. erm// im quite confused... /.\


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hahahaha.. haha.. look like me ar? many ppl say like that also i also want say wat.. i also ever compare my self..but at the end not look so like le.. duno la.. haha.. dudu so funny.. haha

CH Voon said...

hahaha i thought is real foo in newspaper... mana tahu hahahaha

elims Chuang 光宏 said...


ya, the most different is, where dada got the ability of 'craziness & foolness', but takashi dun have that!!

Dada owned!

leo7_lion said...

Eh! Really look alike lar >< man... we really hv twin somewhere in this world

Anonymous said...

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