I met a ghost last night

Sad... i checked which school i will be placed.. no other than green road =.=
My hair.. my beautiful tobacco hair will be charcoal again... sad + sad = double sad

Back to my original topic..
Last night.. me and my three other friends were playing ghost in the middle of the night..
One of my friend, A, will act as the ghost, where as me, B and C will sit/ sleep outside the toilet and wait for the ghost to come =.=
Quite scary.. we turn off the lights, pitch black
Then, A, who acted as the ghost had to keep coming out to scare us (we wanted to ask the real ghost to come out)
Then we had to pretend to get frightened.. =.=
Then suddenly, A disappeared.. serious.... :
WE got frightened.. we heard some noise from below.. the window... {the ghost was trying to enter from the window!!!!!!!!} lame
We peeped from the stairs.. the ghost entered/climbed through the window =.=
The three of us were horrified.. B and C quickly run up to 3rd floor.. I was the last behind them.. my legs turned jelly...
Then when we reach 3rd floor.. We went in different directions.. B hid at the balcony, C i don't know, and me i jump out of the window and my hands clinged onto the window pane

I heard the ghost's footsteps??? coming closer to the window (i tot ghost floats)

My phone rang =.= wtf, wrong timing la
Blame dada, its him who woke me up


It was just a dream la, i wouldnt dare to purposely meet a ghost.. i think i will pee in my pants

I will miss my hair colour... Mama loves you, and misses you alot, tobacco hair colour =.=


elims Chuang 光宏 said...

you are really.... siao liao... @@"

Jerry said...

really "zzzzz"...... summore wan blame dada... summore wtf.... LOL

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

lucky i wake you.. else u wake up with wet pant.. hahaha.. funny and weird dream

CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

yeahhh siao entry liao hahahaha u almost made me pee in the pants... hahahaha