All in all dada gave a total number of.. erm.. ( 8 fishy..~~

1st time gave three, one mama, one papa, one gay, 2 died (the male) the mama i return to dada cos it's too cacat and ugly..

2nd time, dada gave me a tiny winy fish, still survive, but still so small

3rd time dada gave me 2 fish, one male one female

4the time dada gave me 2 fishy again, he tot both is female, but actually one is male one female.
I didn't know so i put them together, then the female one kena bite till tailless and finless =.= (died)

The 3rd time dada give me de fish i help them to produce baby, success!! Now i have more than 50 baby fishy!!! but don't know how many will survive :( But i feed them everyday :P
Just now i use another male fish to make baby with the same female fish ^^

I want lots of baby fishy!!!! hahahahaha..
I love the fishy so so much.. see them make me so happy :P
I cant wait till they grow to be big fishy.. so nice you know, all fishy with different colours.. :)

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha.. good that dudu love fishy also !!! ~ yea.. kena me influence liao.. i got alot big big liao o now.. hehe