Found many photo's sent by dada when we are on webcam everytime

I think i was trying to tell him i i captain =.=

Early in the morning?? doing some stretching

Day dreaming.. fat face

yawn?? don't look like

My mouth so ((((((((((((((((

Real yawn fake yawn don remember

I think this is for sure real =.=

Fats on my face.. Have to buangkan semua!!!!!

Sad.. dada not in for one week, sure i also seldom online liao.. so today i post banyak banyak 1st


Crazyfool said...

hehe.. cute cute.. all i take one hahaha... dudu at home must take good care ar.. miss dudu.. wait dada back !! hehe

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

haha.... really very matching with crazyfool!! ^_^

CH Voon said...

hahahaha funny photos

Anonymous said...

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