Doggie in the river??

When people die, they will be placed in either a coffin or put to cremate..
Which do you prefer??
Just imagine.. You died, but actually you didn't die.. then people put you to burn.. half way burning, you woke up.. scary =.=
Or or or
2nd situation..
You died but you didn't really die, then people put you in the coffin..
At least if you wake up, you can still climb out of the coffin..

Those who keep dogs as pets, where do you throw your dog after they die??
Today, my dog look very sick.. like almost reach the end of his life already..
Then i ask my mom, if Chester die, where are we going to throw him??
My mom say.. in the jungle =.=
Then i ask.. last time where did they throw Blackie (my previous dog) after he die?
My mom say : in sarawak river..
True also le.. i mean.. there's no proper place to throw your dog after they die le.. put into the rubbish bin??? >.<

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

burried them in earth lo..want die liao meh.. i see still ok le.. long life dog.. sayang.. time get new cute doggie liao lei hehe