Friday out

On Friday, i went to spring with dada, before going to the Blogger's gathering..
Everytime go Spring sure will eat Sugar Bun's ice cream..

Usually we will share an ice cream, but this time we bought two..
So unfair you know.. the pump ice cream de lady pump a longer ice cream for dada!!!

So i help him eat the top till the length hampir sama height as mine =p

After that we went and visit the Trienken's worker.. I think they trying to promote their job??? I so good, still shake hand with him.. but don't know why his head lost =.=


Crazyfool said...

haha dudu steal my ice cream -_- so cute hehe.. trienken worker really good oh.. must thanks them haha.. but they no face see us swt.. dint put head haha

CH Voon said...

macam ni makan sure become fat pig la hahahaha

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

wa....ya.. sure gemuk gaogao... @@"

nvm la, dada become mangsa pulak... >.<"