Yesterday.. i went to a gathering organized by Albert..
First time i join a blogger's gathering..

Group photo.. photo stolen from Albert.. i like the candle effect, look like lightning..

Me and dada.. play 21 till sien so play stack card instead.. But when the camera flash on all the card jatuh ki =.=

Albert, me and dada... So gelap

Group photo... photo stolen from Hocan.. our eye all weird weird one >.<
So fun le yesterday.. Too bad not many people went.. got one person reach late gok, so no take tiok group photo with him =(
Hope Kuching punya blogger will organize more gathering in future...!!


Crazyfool said...

haha.. nice gathering.. bit weird anyway.. next time when i free i organize one.. hehe..

CH Voon said...

woo... in kuching got such gathering too... not bad

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

haha!! nice card arrangement! need patient!

isaaccccc said...

actually is me who's the one is late lo..hahaha...sorry for that tho..i think i will try to show up much more earlier nxt time..hahaha..