Mama fish is infertile =(

I have a mama fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I borrowed it from dada =)
After borrowing, i never give it back to him =p
He used the mama fish for 2 times i think???
And i use it for 3times

This is my mama fish.. its so ugly now.. cos it got bitten buy the stupid papa fish..
If u notice the tail of the fish.. its cacat!!!!!!!!! cos it got bitten by aggressive papa fish..

This is papa fish... he is never infertile =.= he love to make more babbies.. everytime i put him into this big jar.. he will start making bubbles at the plastic there... make alot!!!!!!!!!! then when i put in the mama fish, he will be so happy=.= wtf, so hiao >.<

This is one of the mama fish and dunno which daddy fish's baby... so big already..

Mama fish is infertile... she cannot lay eggs anymore!!! =(
This means, no more baby fish... however... mama fish is so strong... she don wan to die yet eventhough she is so rotten already...

This is mama fish and aggressive papa fish's baby.. still so small!!!! already 2-3 months?? i think.. still so small...
Cos i seldom feed them.. =.=
WHY am i so bain tai???
NO, im not bian tai.. its for their own good.. cos the jar will get dirty so fast, then they will die of dirtyness =.= but i got feed at least once in 2 days??? sometimes one day few times =.=
I hope can have another mama fish so tat papa fish wouldnt be so lonely... he's emoing now... =.= stay at the bottom of the jar.. >.<


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hahahaha.. pity mama fish.. duh.. so tough life ar.. i think better dudu change better aquarium for that baby fry.. then can grow better.. funny dudu haha.. nice blog.. hehe.. love you ~ keep it up haha :D

CH Voon said...

hahaha u bian tai girl la hehehkeekkee

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Ya, i agree with CH Voon!! hehe..

Nvmind la, only Crazyfool jadi mangsa... @@"

Bunga bukan sekuntum, get a new gf for that male fish please!! >.<"

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

"No sex No life" for a male, read my blog:

Try to get a person to translate to you esp at the point number 9! (if not see photo also can understand)~~ hehe..