Yesterday dada brought me to eat at the new shop/cafe/restaurant at Spring.. Don't know what Macau thingy..
We had a hard time choosing on what to eat..Not everything could be ordered yet, i mean only those with * was available =.=

We use bout 10 minutes to choose what to eat..
After that we waited and waited.. and get bored, and camwhore :)

Dada's hair long again.. not nice not nice.. faster go trim your hair liao!!

That time, i don't think there were other costumers there... However... it took more than 20 minutes then our food was served
Eskimo.. the weather yesterday was freaking hot.. i felt so dry when i step outside
Chicken chop!!
1. The piece of chicken meat is so small
2. The skin was chao hue da..!!!!!!!!
3. The carrot so hard
4. Got strong garlic taste and smell!!!!!!!


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

the food got more than 20minit ar? so long meh... but they should not open so hurry la.. i can see many things is not yet ready.. spoil image only.. and the shop is just a waste of money.. lousy ~

CH Voon said...

hahaha burger burger burger!