Have You McValue LUNCHTM-ed This Week?

Hi, im Sir's maid, Siti from UK (ulu kapit)
This afternoon, a miracle happened...

I was preparing lunch when the post man delivered letters..

There was a piece of paper in the mail box

It wasn't a mail for me, it was a piece of paper with a burger picture on it

The cheap and delicious looking burger made me drool
I felt sleepy for i didnt sleep well last night

So, i decided to take a short nap :)






I totally forgotten about Sir curry... It was.. burnt

Sir was so angry with me, he twisted my ears, I felt it was as if being pinched off

Sir was angry, and went out for lunch instead, leaving me alone at home without any food

I was so sad, and told this incident to chipmunk

Suddenly.... I heard a "peet" sound coming from outside..

It was my fairy god father!!! I always dream about him...

I was a little frightened.. This was the first time i saw fairy god father for real

Fairy god father handed me a bag of food.. It was the Mc Donald's lunch set!!!

This is my first time eating burger

It tastes so good!!!!!!!!!!!! Its the best lunch i had ever had..

Thank you Mc Value Lunch for giving such a great deal,
i'm lovin' it


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hahaha.. swtnya.. funny la dudu.. sayang my teeth too pain make me bo xim do things.. hope dudu dont mind ya.. wish you win ohh.. hehe..

Albert said...

wakaka........long time din see ppl doing this kind of funny drama liao....not bad, u spent alot of time doing this post most in ur blog....haha do it next time again.....
Btw i wan burger also....haha ><

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Good actor~ lol.. @@"

CH Voon said...

wakakaka the cute monkey look like you hehehe :P