Few hours trip to Lundu

Today we went to Lundu.. cause ah ma wants to see her brother and sister..
I was born there too :)
Went to this shop for lunch.. The mee not bad, but it took them so so long to prepare it.. I saw a few people eating seafood for lunch.. weird..

The mee.. cost RM2.50..
Looks delicious :)
Tua Pek Kong temple

This is wild cherry.. It taste's more like barley

The red one's are ripe(i think), but the green ones are sweet too
This puppy looks cute and loving, but it is so so fierce... It wants to snap people's fingers when you try to touch it
Don't know what orchid.. I think this is wild, it grow from the tree..

So pretty.. They call this lundu orchid.. Maybe because it's ancestors were born here..

Photo taken using my lousy phone camera.. But still quite pretty

This is a spoilt machine... Looks so antique

This is the cuttest thing i seen here.. It looks so innocent :(

Just like a furry little baby!!!! Too bad its alone, parentless

See, its so cute!!!! It loves banana!!! :D
Small durians on the ground.. Uncle say this is Thailand durian, bare fruit twice a year

We use this jungle road to walk to grand uncle's house..

The road so grassy and leafy.. Ah ma say snake always hide at this sort of place, make me scream and run =.=

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha.. wah nice post dudu~ the so call wild cherry taste like barley really make me curious alot !! hehe.. the machine look like car ar.. got tayar.. haha the monkey eye weird weird de.. so like know how to speak one haha.. the durian so many~ from photo see like big big.. jungle memang alot snake.. need careful ar..

yeah dudu really so well in blogging liao.. blogging really help us write down memory.. really good~