Stupid Monday

Monday is the stupiest day of the week...
I use to love Monday last time..
Shit la.. Now I hate Monday the most

I don't have free time for the whole week.. *pity me*
Have cello lessons Saturday and Sunday.. WTF to the infinity
Yesterday i had 4 hours of cello practice, continued with one hour practice at another centre
And today, my arms felt like ------- I just undergo operation =.=

Its bloody painful.. My muscles were hibernating ever since i finish my Grade 8 ballet2 yrs ago..
After tat i seldom/ never exercise, Serious..
Thank God im not fat :P

I going to have 3 periods of WTF bio tomorrow..
I cant even shut my eyes for a sec
Why am i so stupid =.=
To make such a stupid decision..
I think i left my brain at home that day...
List of things im waiting for
1. August break
2. Hari Raya holidays
3. SPM break??
4. Year end holidays
5. Chinese New Year holidays
6. Apply for my teaching
7. I hope i can enter Teachers Training College, so that i wouldnt regret quiting A-level!!!!!!!!!!!

God, dont fool me =.=
Im off to wonderland


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yoyo~ dont feel so tired~ cheer up ~ haha.. give some energy to your self ~ tell ur say saya boleh de.. i also bit lazy recently.. tired ar.. but soon final exam liao.. need working liao ooo

CH Voon said...

i hope your wish list come truth!

i hate monday too! blue blue monday!