Movie with mom (compulsory)

Went and watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with mom just now..
The movie was so so.. 3/10
Not so interesting, or should i say, not even interesting..
Mom even snore during the show (evidence) =.=
Too bad Dumbledore had to die.. He has an innocent look
After 2 hours+, we went home..

Before that, we stopped at Shell to fill petrol..
Suddenly, something unusual caught my eyes...

I saw this...

This uncle/grand uncle drove his antique car to pump petrol..

This is serious!!! Everybody jumped out of their car, and took photo of it..

At first i quite paiseh wan go near to take... But i saw many people take, so i went and take too..
It looks so new..

See, its like a road show or some sort.. This koko/ uncle jump into the car and took photo.. So funny XD

This koko is happily taking photo with the ah pek.. The car really so nice.. Leather seat gok..
After that, this koko also jump into the car to take photo.. Don't know whether they ask pemission from the ah pek o not.. Everybody was so excited

Ah pek start engine want leave liao..

See, even the back of the car look so nice... Got spare tyre.. Look like bicycle tyre =.=


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hahahaha... at first dint notice something special, suddenly pop shell station.. and then suddenly antique car.. hahaha.. dudu getting lihai blogging.. the most funny things is even pump oil de ppl also go in seat and take photo.. the ah pek driver must think these ppl so kampung haha.. never see antique car.. funny.. dudu nice catch hahaha..

CH Voon said...


good photos...

i plan to buy one ...

where can i get one?

Marciana said...

Good photo?? tqtq..I use lousy phone camera take one XD
I think you have to order from duno where.. Sure very expensive..
My mom say this ah pek should be keep it since last time.. but its still so new..