Wednesday :)

Today, my bunch of lovers dated me :P
This is our first date after i left Inti :)
Too bad Liza didn't join us :( Silly girl went to Europe :x
Gracia drove us there..
They were expecting me to wear pink, but i didn't :P

We watched Ice Age 3, it was so... funny XD
Btw, we met hk.. He had an annoying "sore throat" which made me pissed and looked behind

After the movie, i left the girls without even saying good bye :o
Went opposite with dada to look for food..
Tried the ah pek's son's fried chicken.. OMG.. it was so damn.. "CHEAP"

Went back to star for another movie.. The last house on the left..
The title is rather unappropriate.. I see no last house on the left.. -.- Did they mean the motel??

Anyway.. The movie was quite nice.. 7/10. I like the last part where the doctor put the man's head into the microwave -.-
I sound so bian tai

Btw, dada became so lam recently XD
Yesterday he played so many lam lam song,
Today he gave me this cute monkey :P
Dada usually so kiam siap one ler.. {su1}

The she monkey.. At first i cant differenciate them =.=They look the same to me..
Then i notice the tiny pink ribbon on her head..
I keep the male where as dada keep the female.. :P
Yay.. I wana go shopping this Saturday :)
Hope i can find my black dress for my orchestra XD
Im going to play the cello!!! 1st time playing cello on stage :)

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

he he.. hope dudu like it.. yeah have fun watching movie.. but i rate the last house that movie rather 5/10 only. the story slightly too simple and the actor involve just a few. very small budget movie. anyway still ok la if it is watch with you haha..

yeah wait to see u perform~ hehe