Faster business come come

Kesedihan.. This week only got 1 order.. =x
Waiting for business to come gok..
For 2 weeks, i only manage to sell 4 cakes, money collected so little lo
But im still dreaming of buying lots of bags and bajusssssss :D
Anybody can teach me some business strategy? How to attract customer like magnet..


While waiting for mail or sms to pop out, i study my dumb dumb chemistry lo, what to do, test in 2wks time..

Date: 07.10.2009
Time: 0915
Place : At home, in my room
Currently : Sneezing
Listening to : The stupid cafe' world music

Hope it will be a sunny sunny afternoon, so that i can catch insects.. and killlllllllllllll them!!! cruelty of bio

Planning to invent unique cakes.. hmm.. hope its attractive enough to be sold like hot cakes :)

Im still so far away from achieving my dream :(


Anonymous said...

Hi, your dream will definately come through if u continue to dream big, believe it!

to attract customer.. no secret, we dont chase after customer, same as we do not chase money.. we will no have enough..

the only way is to create the VALUE, yes attract customer to come to you such as magnet!

Marciana said...

Hi there.. How to create value?????