Cookie monster

Yesterday I made some, yes, only some cookies.. And it took me 5 hours to complete everything Its the moulding and shapping which takes time.. just imagine it took me 20 minutes to cut out a cookie? -.-

Cookies!!! The last time i made cookies was um.. more than half a year ago?

Yeap.. That was for my college sells.. We had to make.. around 60 cookies i think.. But that time my friends were there to help..


I had to do it all by myself.. :(

But Mr lion did help me

See, i caught Mr Lion stealing my cookies!

Mr Lion choosing which flavour to eat first

I made 4 different flavours.. I like the peppermint one most!! If you have nose block i think peppermint cookies can make you feel better :D


CH Voon said...

i will make those cake by myself next time... soon :) hehehehe


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hehehe.. yum yum.. dudu lihai.. love dudu very muchy.. hehe.. thanks dudu give me cookie! hehe.. muaks!