11steps to cook yummmmmmy butter fish

I did all the photo editing using my phone.. hehehehehehe

Heat the oil till got small bubbles..
p/s: the pan is not dirty, black black.. its non stick :P

This fish is called dorry fish, can purchase it from suppermarket... its boneless fishy

Make sure the fish is entirely coated with corn flour so that its crispy :D

Fry it using high fire

Dish it up and filter it with kitchen towel

Use a wok(cos its bigger) to cook the butter

Add some salt and pepper to taste

Make sure the ladder is stirring while slowly pour the egg mixture in

After stirring for about 5-10min, this is the outcome
Make sure you use low fire to cook it

Add in as much curry leaves as you want. Its better to chop the curry leaves into pieces for better aroma

Lastly pour in the fish and stir fry it until well mix

Yummy and easy recipe..
can try it using prawns
p/s: the prawns does not need to be coated with corn flour when frying


CH Voon said...

what oil you use? have you use the oil XXXXX currently advertisement alot in 988 radio one

Good oil... good food hehehe

lOoK nice ar... i know to make lemon chicken as well ... almost same like this hehehe

Marciana said...

wat is xxxxx oil? olive oil?
Cincai use any oil for deep frying, imagine u use olive oil to fry chicken/fish :O
Waste money!
Olive oil use to fry vege good enuf liao

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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