Cup cup cup cup cake

I suck in taking photos
Even if my cakes look pretty in real, in pictures they look awful! Sad rite :(
Yesterday i made 3 types of cup cakes- choc mint, almond mango and double choc

This is choc mint.. yummy!

From right- almond mango, double choc and choc mint

Mango almond.. sorry i lupa rotate the pic :O

Who wants to buy?? heheheeeeeeeee
RM1.50 each!!!!!!


CH Voon said...

look nice oh heheheh

tak tahu nice to eat or not hehehe

i follow ur recipe and make the mini muffin choco cake liao hehehe

look really small hahaha

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yummy~~ put at mudah also.. sure can sell.. hehe.. dudu lihai !! tomorrow come steal again hoho