365days had passed

Around tis time last yr, i "reconnected" with my hubby :)
It all started with the muffin thingy.. Long story
We drew this together <3

Yeap.. we used to be named dear and dearie.. But not so "smooth mouth" so changed to dudu and dada

I like to play then dada also play with me :)
I like to play "bai chi" with him..
We would cover our mouth and ask each other y u cover ur mouth
Then when we take away the paper/book/anything covering our mouth
We'll show stupid mouth ( his cacat mouth and my chipmunk gigi)

My wedding photo
I feel like im the ugliest "bride" in the world.. i look like a ghost
Its because.........
Last minute, i had to do the make up myself!!! (Bride putting on her own make up huhu :( )

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

dudu is tian chi sha gei moi.. hahaha.. next time dont make up la.. even better